The Goal:

Our ambition is to build a trustable and reliable social network of customers and consumers, while promoting a good relation with the business representatives.

Few things you should know about.customerso

This social network, not a business directory.

However, the system is built with the idea to help the customers around the world, hence registering and/or promoting various businesses,trademarks or goods is absolutely acceptable. is not a blog directory, but you can have blogs on this site and to write articles too, if you like.

All registered users are in possession of the same tools to promote the content they consider useful for them or/and the others.A priority will be given to the items, which are found to be trustworthy, interesting and helpful for the customers or the consumers 

All the posted items on can be commented, appraised or evaluated by the registered users 

All users are encouraged to share their fair point of view, experience and/or opinions by posting comments, reviews, discussions, blogs, articles or other instruments provided on this site.

The quality of the posted content of each registered user can be appraised by the other registered users by the provided different systems for evaluation.

The activity of the registered users and the quantity of the posted content is counted for and affects their popularity in the network 

Our team recommends to all of the registered users to be always tolerant to the others and to use common sense when posting a content on this site

The official language on this site is English.All items posted in any other languages will be removed.

An item which has already been registered on the site by another user can be claimed for .A proof for the property will be required by our team ,when a registered user claims a business,which already has been registered on the site.

The registered users are free to express their opinions and feelings about anything in an appropriate manner.

The complaints are also welcomed.They can be useful too.We do prefer to see though more recommendations and stuff that the others might find good for them too.For the things,which are not recommended we have a special section.

You are always welcome!

Disclaimer:  If you are an adult, aged 19 Years or older, then probably you’ll find something interesting for you on this site.